What Are Plantar Warts?

For any podiatrist warts, growths, and moles are fairly commonplace. On pretty much a daily basis one or more patient will come in complaining of some painful growth that they may or may not believe to be cancerous. Of these warts along the feet and toes, the most common of which tend to be plantar warts. Plantar warts are non-cancerous skin growths that can show up on almost any part of the skin – but tend to be most present on the feet and toes. For Dr. Harvey Katz, the foremost podiatrist specialist midtown Manhattan has in practice, these pressure-packed lesions are a daily occurrence. As a podiatrist specialist Midtown Manhattan proves to be a breeding ground for patients suffering from plantar warts, as most patients and people overall in Manhattan rarely drive and tend to walk almost everywhere.

This is especially the case in Midtown, as it is home to most of the businesses and corporations. In order to find a plantar wart, by definition, there’s only one place to look – beneath your feet! Plantar warts will also start out full and circular as with most growths, however, due to the almost constant pressure of standing or walking, they tend to flatten out shortly after they appear. The root cause of plantar warts is the HPV or human papillomavirus – which especially in the words of our podiatrist specialist Midtown Manhattan is rife with. Individuals in the NYC have been known to pick up the HPV virus from infected surfaces like gym showers, dance and yoga studios, and even in show stores when patrons try on pairs of shoes!

Any individual who now carries the virus can present and begin to infect various locations along their body, and the reason why it tends to spread more in the summer or in gyms, dance and yoga studios is a result of the sweat on the surface of the body. Sweaty skin allows the HPV virus a slick surface for far more efficient travels. In his practice

Generally, children are at a huge risk of an early contraction as they tend to be the most active and tend to spend a lot of time running and playing and sweating – occasionally even barefoot. The first and most important thing a patient must do when you even think you may be suffering from plantar warts is seeking out a consult with your podiatrist. Dr. Harvey Katz as the top podiatrist specialist Midtown will immediately place patients on a specially formulated plan of action to both remove the wart from the surface of the skin, and provide medication that will help keep the HPV virus at bay – sadly there is no cure-all for HPV. With proper medical attention and care, it can be managed.