If you, like millions of other Americans are having foot care issues, why not visit one of the best podiatrist Midtown Manhattan has to offer in Dr. Harvey Katz, and Midtown Foot Care. Common podiatry issues such as Athlete’s foot are very common fungal infections.Dr. Harvey Katz one of the best podiatrist Midtown has to offer sees countless patients every year suffering from the issue. It usually occurs on the skin between your toes. It’s especially common among athletes since they wear tight-fitting, mostly rubber sneakers and tend to perform daily exercise. Essentially, these habits cause excess sweating along the feet and toes. However, one fact most people aren’t aware of is that athlete’s foot can affect anyone, with any level of activity.

Symptoms of athlete’s foot are often reddish skin, possibility of open sores and almost constant itchiness. Most podiatrist midtown Manhattan have in practice, see patients exhibiting a white puss-like discharge, as well as flaky or water-logged skin, with cracking between the toes, and different points of stress. This in turn makes it easier for bacteria to get in through the cracks, putting you at risk of a painful bacterial infections such as cellulitis.

Fungal skin infections prefer areas in which the skin is warm and moist, essentially the inside of a sweaty, athlete’s sneaker. Once you’ve got rid of athlete’s foot, you can prevent it with all the same simple measures you use to stop sweaty, smelly feet. To get rid of it, though, you’ll need rather more.

Treatment often requires prescription creams and powders, one of the best podiatrist Midtown has in practice, Dr. Harvey Katz and Midtown Foot Care will carefully examine your feet and determine which creams will work best. They need to be applied two or three times a day for several days. Powders are best for infections between your toes, as creams can make the skin even more moist. Dr. Katz recommends keeping your feet as dry as possible and you should avoid put socks and shoes on until your feet are really dry.