At Midtown Foot Care, Dr. Harvey Katz and his staff encounter a number of different podiatry issues.
The foremost podiatrist Midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Katz is always looking for new and
unique methods of foot care treatment. One of the most common issues affecting our feet has to do
with infection, and small wounds. The feet are constantly in use, and during strenuous use, it is quite
common for individuals to develop cuts and small wounds, especially near the ankle and the toe area.
Even for the best podiatrist Midtown has to offer, these cuts can prove difficult to heal and prevent from

Our feet are constantly being used, therefore we never really give them an opportunity to rest and fully
heal. Also, our feet are usually covered with socks and shoes, preventing them from being able to
“breathe” and for wounds or open sores to heal. As a result of moisture buildup within the socks and
shoes, they can easily become infected, causing even more problems. For this reason, podiatrists are
always looking for methods to heal foot issues.

In recent years studies have been conducted on how to expedite the wound healing process, perfect for
podiatric cuts and wounds. Researchers have made an amazing new discovering using bacterium that
are common to the human body. Using lactic acid bacteria, scientists were able to vastly expedite the
wound healing process and increase the proliferation of dermal cells. This means that once lactic acid
bacteria were administered to open wounds, it caused the wound to heal much faster than it normally
would. As the most popular podiatrist midtown Manhattan has in practice, Dr. Katz is excited to find out
all the possibilities for this research once concluded. This could mean great news for chronic wound
sufferers and podiatry patients alike.