Flat Feet Could Be the Cause of Your Chronic Pain Issues

Our feet are the foundation for our entire body and are quite possibly the two most vital aspects of our entire body. Our feet are built to support the weight of our entire body as we walk, run or simply even stand. According to Dr. Katz, of William Street Podiatry, the top podiatrist midtown has to offer, the process of holding our weight for all of our movements, requires a delicate balance and symbiotic relationship between multiple smaller muscles and joints within the foot. Often, even the smallest mishap occurs within the foot, it can throw off the delicate mechanism that allows our foot to function properly. As per the top podiatrist midtown Manhattan has to offer, one of the worst and most common conditions which affect our feet includes flat feet. While this condition is very common, many podiatrists believe that this is the main reason for a variety of other joint conditions and chronic pain issues, including ankle pain, knee pain, and even hip pain. Learn more about flat feet syndrome and its effect on musculoskeletal discomfort.

What are Flat Feet?

The arch of our foot is designed to support our feet and the entirety of our body weight. According to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist Midtown has to offer, having flat feet is a major issue to this support and it prevents our foot from being able to support our own bodyweight. Often, this occurs due to the failure of our arches to ever even develop. When we are born, our feet are completely flat, a reason why it is so difficult for babies to even stand up properly. As we age, and the years wear on, according to the top Podiatrist Midtown has to offer, we will eventually begin to develop arches. In some patients, these arches never truly form, and they must live with flat feet.

In some patients as well, those of an advanced age mostly, will develop flat feet as they age. With years of wear and tear, the tendons in our body designed to support these areas will eventually begin to weaken forcing your arches to fall.

The one important thing we now understand about flat feet is that in some patients’flat feet do not cause much of an issue at all, as over time, the other aspects of our feet and body will begin to compensate for this new deficiency. However, in others, the flat feet lead to painful problems in their feet and ankles, which can have an effect on distant joints and their backs.

The Interconnectivity

An important idea for us to understand is that the musculoskeletal system is a fully integrated structure and all of our body’s joints and form a strong connection between one another. According to Dr. Katz, the top podiatrist Midtown Manhattan has to offer, because joints are where bones come together, any bone that comes in at an angle can offset the entire balance of the joint. And this is exactly what flat feet can do. That’s because without arch support, your feet tend to roll inward, causing overpronation. This, in turn, affects your gait and places excessive stress on your ankles and knees.

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