A bunion is excess bone or misaligned bone in the joint and it is one of the most common big toe problems. Besides causing pain, a bunion changes the actual shape of your foot making it difficult and uncomfortable to wear shoes. The good news is that bunions are treatable, contact Dr. Katz for an evaluation of your bunion problems.

What causes Bunions? Though they mainly occur on the big toe, they can also develop on the 5th (little) toe. Bunions are often caused by incorrect foot mechanics, can be the result of damage caused by arthritis or an injury, and with some people you can be born with the tendancy to develop bunions.

Types of Bunions include Positional (mild) and Structual (severe). Positional bunions will occur from the growth of new bone in the area and Structual bunions result when there is a shifting of the joint at the base of the toe. In many cases there can be a combination of both types of bunions.

Treatment of bunions can vary due to how severe and how painful they are. For mild cases, custom made inserts (orthoses) may be prescribed to control incorrect foot mechanics. For more severe bunions, surgery may be recommended. These procedures can include shifting soft tissue, shifting bone or removing bone.