Have you ever thought what your feet accomplish for you? They balance your whole body weight, so that you can sit, stand, walk and run properly. If you ever felt pain in your feet then you must be aware of how uncomfortable and annoying it can turn out. Your entire plans get spoiled if, in any event, it turns from mild to severe. So, it is necessary to take proper care of your feet, in order to carry out your daily life activities efficiently. If you are searching for a top podiatrist in NYC, your search ends here; at Wall Street Foot Group. We have expert podiatrists that specialises in providing treatments for every type of foot and ankle related problems.

Most of the times the cause of foot pain is hidden in our daily life activities. Wearing uncomfortable shoes or high heels, overweight, restlessness, diabetes, pregnancy, ingrown toenails and sports activities are some of the main causes of foot pain.

There are various foot disorders that can encounter due to all these causes. Some of them are given below:

Ankle sprain: Ankle sprain refers to the damage that happens when the ankle moves, curves or turns in an awkward way. Complexity of ankle sprain can be determined on the basis of numbers of ligaments affected by the damage. Usually it can be treated by medication or icing therapy, but in severe condition a surgical treatment may be required.

Corns and calluses: They are distinctively shaped callus of dead skin that usually occurs in thin, hairless and smooth skin surfaces, especially on the dorsal surface of toes or fingers. They can be very painful while walking. Treatment of corns includes paring of the lesions, which immediately reduces the pain.

Flat feet: Having strong arches in feet are important for your body’s health. But, when the tendons and ligaments gets weakened, your arch collapses and feet become flat. This condition may result in excessive pain in feet. Non-surgical treatments can sometimes help the problem, but in case patient feel chronic pain, surgery may be required.

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