In Podiatry Midtown Manhattan has Seen an Influx in Cases of Raynaud’s Syndrome

In the world of podiatry, there are a number of common issues and disorders that will generally affect those within any specific geography. This is the case because when dealing with issues of the feet, climate and the change of season have a lot to do with a patient’s podiatric health. For instance, a Midtown podiatrist like Dr. Harvey Katz, known to be the best podiatrist Midtown has to offer, will often encounter patients with similar issues dependent upon the current weather conditions, as well as the specific time of year. With this idea podiatry Midtown Manhattan is often the most difficult in the cold winter months, and any Midtown podiatrist will generally have regular patients take extra precaution to keep their feet clean, dry, and away from harmful bacteria.

This past winter, Dr. Harvey Katz came to see a strong pattern in a number of his patients, a recent influx of patients suffering from a disorder known as Raynaud’s phenomenon. There is a reason he is known as the best podiatrist Midtown Manhattan has seen in a while. Raynaud’s disease is a fairly common condition in podiatry Midtown Manhattan has become a bit of a hotbed in recent years as well. Raynaud’s phenomenon and Raynaud’s disease are two different, somewhat similar illnesses – commonly distinguished by the severity of the symptoms. The disease is much milder than the phenomenon.

Most Midtown podiatrist characterize the disease as presenting with vasospasm alone while Raynaud’s phenomenon the vasospasm is associated with other diseases, most commonly auto-immune illnesses like progressive systemic sclerosis and mixed connective tissue diseases. This combination disorder is a lot to handle even for the best podiatrist Midtown Manhattan had a record number of cases this past winter as well. Patients will generally feel partial or complete numbness and an icy-cold feeling of the extremities, including the foot and toes. Midtown podiatrist Dr. Harvey Katz states that Raynaud’s underlying issues are that the smaller arteries which supply blood to the skin, and in podiatry Midtown Manhattan’s collective feet, begin to close and constrict as a direct response to the cold temperatures and in some cases a combination of heavy stress. This physiological response causes the blood supply to diminish to the specific areas and can lead to any number of complications unless treated immediately. Voted best podiatrist Midtown Dr. Harvey Katz also posits that this constriction also leads to an overall change in the skin’s color – more than just the presence of pooled blood the issue also has the means to change the color of the skin.

On the bright side Raynaud’s Syndrome, Disease of Phenomenon whichever version of the illness you might be suffering from, is easily treated in the early stages, and side effects are limited. When the symptoms begin to present themselves, patients are simply advised to dress warmer and soak their feet in warm water if need be. However, when the symptoms persist and Raynaud’s is allowed to linger – complications of the heart and circulatory system can arise. Be sure to contact Midtown Podiatrist Dr, Harvey Katz for more information or to schedule an appointment.