The Truth About Shopper’s Feet?

For many of the term Shop Till You, Drop is just a euphemism for one of our favorite pastimes. Whether it’s the Christmas season, a day of summer specials, or just a random Tuesday – many of us are simply addicted to shopping! But few of us are aware of the physical toll that can be taken on our bodies from those marathon shopping trips or even that weekly trip to the grocery store! As Dr. Harvey Katz explains it, the best foot doctor Midtown Manhattan currently has in practice, shopping is one of the most detrimental “everyday” activities to the overall health and physical function of our feet – the term shop till you drop takes on a whole new meaning in this sense. Unless you decide to replace that trip to the mall for a marathon online shopping spree, your feet could be in jeopardy too. This fact has never been more evident than in a city like New York City, even for the city’s best foot doctor Midtown Manhattan is home to an impossibly vast number of people spending entire weekends walking from store to store, outing an insane number of miles on their feet.

Dr. Harvey Katz as the best foot doctor Midtown explains that the biggest issue surrounding the term Shopper’s Feet is that for most, it’s almost impossible to tell when its occurring. Generally, those who take part in these marathon shopping trips accrue a certain level of excitement from their shopping. This level of excitement causes a spike in adrenaline and that adrenaline is known to mask the pain and strain of the feet.

Most frequently we see individuals shifting their weight uncomfortably while waiting in line at their favorite department store. This shifting is a natural response to stress and strain. As a result of constant standing or walking, once we “take stock” of our condition, those suffering from Shopper’s Feet will begin to notice slight aches and pains, that will tend to travel upwards from your feet to your calves, and thighs. Individuals will also notice that their feet and lower legs will begin to turn quite pale in color as the high level of stress on the feet may cause constricted blood vessels.

When the blood vessels continue to constrict blood flow, the problems will begin to mount even more. Many patients will begin to feel very cold, especially in their lower extremities – then they will begin to feel a traveling numbness that begins at the base of their feet and extends to their knees. If you are beginning to feel such symptoms it may be a sign that you need to take weight off your feet and restore circulation. For more information on the subject, and to schedule, an appointment with the best foot doctor Midtown Manhattan has to offer, contact Dr. Katz today.