4 Tips for Bunion Treatment Midtown Patients Need to Know!

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While the mere thought of bunions might be a source of humor to some, for those suffering from them, they are anything but! No matter if you are barefoot on the beach, or in a foot of snow in your 12-inch boots, odds are, in one way or another, your bunions are bothering you. When it comes to bunion treatment Midtown podiatrist, Dr. Harvey Katz experiences quite a few cases, almost every single day! And as the top podiatrist Midtown has to offer, he and his team at William Street Podiatry do everything they can to help patients ease the pain of these troublesome toe problems. In medical terms, a bunion is known as hallux valgus – forming when the bone or tissue at the joint at the bottom of the big toe moves out of place, and years of abnormal motion and pressure on the joint forces the big toe to bend towards the others, and a painful bump to appear on the joint. And because when we walk, the joint below our bog toe carries much of our body weight, bunions can cause severe, sometimes constant pain. This joint will often stiffen and become sore, making wearing certain shoes impossible!

When it comes to bunion treatment Midtown Manhattan has some of the highest rates of incidence around the country. As the foremost podiatrist Midtown has to offer, Dr. Harvey Katz believes this may have a lot to do with certain shoe choices. While bunions are often genetic, they develop most commonly as a result of the shoes we wear. And with women being far more likely to develop bunions, the sleeker, more slimline shoe choices of women are often brought into question. Things like high heels and stilettos are said to cause a lot more pressure on the joints, and cause bunions to appear much more often than softer, more comfortable choices, like sneakers, sandals, and flats. In addition to this, these shoes will often cause women’s joints to become less flexible, and the less flexible they become, the more susceptible they are to bunions. For any podiatrist Midtown Manhattan patients and their propensity for walking over 5 miles a day, can truly be a cause for concern – especially if they are walking those miles in thin high heels as opposed to wider, more comfortable sneakers. For many of these women over time, their bunions will worsen to the point they will need surgery. To avoid surgery and further damage to your foot joints, here are a few important tips for bunion treatment Midtown patients need to know.

Lose Weight!
This is the case for a number of different foot problems. But the more weight you carry, the more pressure on your feet and joints within the feet. Losing weight can take pressure off the joints, and alleviate bunions without the need for surgery.

NSAID’s Are a Girl’s Best Friend
And definitely a man’s, but it just didn’t sound as good. For women wearing high-heels, or stilettos it is important to wear them only as needed, and switch to sneakers when you are traveling to and from your event. But taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen in these times, can really relive joint inflammation and prevent bunions.

Get Your Foot Measured
The thing with our feet is that they are all different. And sometimes shoe sizes simply aren’t built correctly for everyone’s foot – poor fitting shoes is one of the main causes of bunions. To deal with this, get your feet professional measured. Many shoe stores offer this service for free, simply find one that does. This will help you determine your true size, and help you decide if you should try some wider-toed options.

Bunion Pads
Podiatrists will often recommend specially designed bunion pads either made of moleskin, or gel, to protect your bunions from your shoes as well as anything else. These can be purchased at any drug store, and in conjunction with icepacks, and soaks can help protect and even reduce the appearance of bunions.

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